During your stay in Venice try to be Venice friendly. To believe in and to contribute to a sustainable tourism it is really important for us.

Take a guide

Guida turistica abilitata

Visit Venice with a qualified local guide: in addition to to having been fully examined on her/his knowledge of the city, she/he will be able, as a local, to help you immerse yourself in city culture and to describe traditions, costumes, gastronomy and lifestyle of the Venetians. She/he will help you in being part of it all.

The other Venice

L'altra Venezia

Try to get acquainted with a different Venice, as museum and churches off the beaten paths. You will not regret this choice.

Eating in Venice


Discover and sit in one of the many local restaurants and enjoy local wines and cuisine. Abandon haste, take away food and pizza to go for a while.

Local handcraft

Artigianato locale

Prefer products by local artisans. You will then contribute in keeping alive antique jobs that still manage to survive today among terrible imported and commercial products.

Venetian people

I Veneziani

Help locals to move in their own town: as you walk please keep to the right, do not sit on the steps of bridges and when you stop be sure you are not blocking the way.

And now a few rules in order to enjoy Venice 100%

Dress code

Inside churches one must dress in an appropriate way with shoulders covered and skirts or bermudas to the knees.

Inside St. Mark’s Basilica

Backpacks are not allowed and photos are prohibited in the Basilica. Furthermore it is forbidden to sit down and picnic anywhere in the whole square.

Walking only

In the whole town your legs are the only mean of transport allowed (apart from public boats). Bicycles, motorbikes and cars are forbidden.


It is severely prohibited to feed pigeons (it is also a bad idea as they cause several diseases)