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Fora squara

I have just finished to read a very nice book, a sentimental guide about Venice, Cercando Venezia (Seeking Venice) by Paolo Ganz. In one of the pages the author refers to the town using a beautiful Venetian term: fora squara (crooked). An expression that has stroken and enchanted me as, I think, that it cannot […]

Remedio – Wine in Venice Part II

Remedio is another word which is related to wine and specifically with a quality of malavasia,  a sweet golden wine coming from the Venetian terre da mar. This type of vinification provided three types of Malvasia:  dolce, which was sold abroad because not really liked by the Venetians; tonda which had a thin and smooth flavour; and garba more strong […]


To talk about Venice is easy and difficult because of the rich subject matter. In this blog I could talk about the legends, history, recipes or about the people. But, what I have decided to do, is to tell you about Venice through its language. Venetian has been recognized as a proper language, not simply as […]