Remedio – Wine in Venice Part II

Remedio is another word which is related to wine and specifically with a quality of malavasia,  a sweet golden wine coming from the Venetian terre da mar.

This type of vinification provided three types of Malvasia:  dolce, which was sold abroad because not really liked by the Venetians; tonda which had a thin and smooth flavour; and garba more strong and acid. This last type was very popular also because it was believed to cure stomach disorders.

The best Malvasia Garba of Venice was believed to be sold at a malvasia near Santa Maria Formosa whose owner’s name was Remedio and as Remedy sounds like “rimedio” (remedy), the wine sold in this shop was believed to contain special properties. Later the name was even used to name the area. In fact today you can find a calle, a fondamenta and a bridge with the same name.

Malvasie and magazeni were not the only shops where you could have wine. You could taste a good glass of it in a osteria, a place where you could drink but also eat and find accomodation.

At the beginning of the fourteenth century just around the Rialto area there were 16 osterie and several streets name are still today reminding of these places: Calle alla Torre, Calle della Scimmia, Calle della Donzella, etc.

Do Spade is the only osteria still exsisting and still partly providing the same business: drinking and food.

Today one of the most popular in town where to experience good cicheti and a nice glass of wine.

Now let’s stop talking and…….let’s go tasting.


Favero, C. ed., Venice and Viticulture. Wines and Wines: the legacy of the Venetian Republic, Biblos Edizioni, Cittadella (PD), 2014.

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